Working on a new poker tells book

I’m working full-time on another poker tells book. The book will be called Verbal Poker Tells and will focus specifically on all things verbal at the poker table: the things people say and how they say them. It will use a lot of examples from actual hands, both televised and hands played by me and others. I’ve been collecting a fairly large database of verbal patterns and will use this database to show examples of patterns and tendencies. I’ll be writing about a lot of stuff that I think has very practical usefulness against a lot of opponents and much of it is stuff that I’ve never seen anyone write about in much detail before.

The book will be around $30-35. I’ve set up a $50 pre-order that gets you advance content and updates on the status; kind of a behind-the-scenes look at the process. I’m also going to put the names of the people who pre-order in a special Acknowledgements section of the book; kind of a ‘thanks for your support’ section (unless people don’t want their names in there.) Here is the page where you can pre-order the book.

  • YH


    This is very exciting to know, and am looking forward to your book. There are so many aspects of tells to explore. Many. I think your first book really opened up the world to the “new world” of tells. The really subtle ones, and explored concepts not many people even started to think of. One really basic one that makes so much sense but was never really highlighted in many other books was baseline behavior. Different people can perform the same actions in an exact same situation, but mean completely different things. I truly believe this goes back more than just there baseline behavior. It goes back into their approach on life, and how they manage certain situations.

    Wacthing the first few seasons of high stakes poker, we can see tons of tells, especially in the big pots… Tells of fear, weak speeches etc.

    One other thing to explore as well, when we are analyzing opponents. This is so so impt… Based on the WAY we analyze opponents, and time taken, they would also put us on a hand range. For e.g. We are playing tight, and then shove the turn on a huge draw, putting the Villian on a marginal hand like 99 on a KQ84 board with 2 diamonds, we shove turn with TJdd expecting a fold… And our table image. BUT because of the way we analyzed the villain and time taken, the Villian might just read us back! So fundamentally they should fold, but because we took time to read them and the way we did it, they read us back and make a call they shouldn’t. Would we play the hand with the same analysis and bet timing with KQ or 88? That’s really something to think about…

    Additionally, I hope you explore blinking and staring more, they are still current in today’s game… Very very subtle, but the more subtle… The more accurate.


  • Luckbox Larry

    Do you have a guess at when you might start to send out “advance content” to pre-order customers?

    Unrelated topic: this is in reply to your recent video about players taking drinks after making a bet, sometimes strong sometimes weak – it seems better to leave the comment here rather than on youtube. I’ve only watched it once but I wanted to write this down before I maybe lose it by watching it again or trying to correlate behavior in person. It seemed to me that of the situations in which a player was drinking after making a bluff, there was often a moment (sometimes miniscule) in which they *act* like it just occurred to them, completely out of the blue, to take a drink. It’s as if they’re muttering “golly, where *DID* I put that watter bottle?? Oh and am I still in this hand? I almost forgot because I’m so confident that I’m winning it.” Whereas the players with strong hands made a more natural, simple move to fetch their drink. Obviously it’s not 100%, and I’m not even confident it will hold up the next time I watch it, but I thought I should write it down for consideration.

    • Zachary Elwood

      I’ll do it soon, Larry. I’ve been sick the last few days or it would have been done already.

  • lucio motta

    Hey Zach, can you please tell us when this book is going to be published. Your first book was amazing.

    • Zachary Elwood

      Thanks sir.

      I’m hoping to have it out by March or so. April at the latest.