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Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Zachary Elwood and I have one goal: Help you better understand your opponents' behaviors at the table.

A little about my background: I'm a professional poker player and the author of two books on poker tells. My first book, Reading Poker Tells, is a best-seller in the poker industry and has been translated into three languages. I also have worked as a poker behavior consultant for a World Series of Poker Main Event final tablist.

In my free 5-part verbal poker tells course, I teach you some key aspects of your opponents' verbal behavior. This course is based on my book Verbal Poker Tells, but I customized this course to be a short, quick introduction to some of the most meaningful verbal patterns you'll encounter at the tables. You can sign up in the section below.

I'll be the first to admit: human behavior is complex. Unlike other poker authors, I do more than just present you with a list of possible poker tells. My goal is to delve into the psychology underlying your opponents' actions. With a better understanding of the many factors that can influence behavior, you'll have a better understanding of poker tells.


Free 5-Part Poker Tell Course

You’ll learn to better understand your poker opponents’ verbal behavior in this free 5-part email course! When you sign up, you'll get 5 days of lessons:

  • Day 1: Introduction, and What It Means When A Player Says He Has A Weak Hand
  • Day 2: Defensive Statements
  • Day 3: Misdirections
  • Day 4: Uncertainty and Hesitation
  • Day 5: Responses to "Will You Show If I Fold?"

This course is NOT just random excerpts from my book.

I wrote this content from scratch, specifically for this course, with a focus on providing the most value in the least amount of time.

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